Tara & Jason

Jeff is an incredibly talented carpenter. I am rather particular and when we would discuss what I wanted, he would say “I can build you anything, just tell me what you want it to look like.” His detail is second to none, he strives for perfection and I can promise you won’t be disappointed!


Jeff has done a few projects for me now and I keep coming back. You can clearly see the passion he has for his craft, and it really shows in his product. On top of that, he's just an awesome guy to work with, always going above and beyond for his customer

Calvin & Jon

I was looking for a table with a specific look and dimensions and was not able to find what I wanted. I came to Jeff with the basic idea, some pictures and a color. He sent me a quote and a drawing and was able to make my vision into a reality!

Lilly & Matt

Jeff built this beautiful live edge epoxy coffee table for us as a gift for a family member. She absolutely loved it. Jeff worked with us on the table design, color, and wood to make our vision come to life. Beautiful craftsmanship! 


I'm not one to become obsessed with something, but after the first time I swung a hammer, I dove in head first. I soon became infatuated with the idea of building something that would stand the test of time. Something to be left behind after I’m gone. This has long been a relaying thought in my head, and is my driving force to make every piece as perfect as I possibly can.

I consider myself pretty lucky to have found my passion so early in life, and to be able to use it to bring beauty into people's homes. I love the concept of taking a rough cut slab out of a log, stripping it down to the core, and turning this  slice of nature into a functional piece of art.


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